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The bottom line of food safety is to “stop cross contamination between water, animals, manure, chemicals and people”. When you apply that to workers, equipment, locations, land, crops, processes, sub-contractors and more, we’ve got you covered.



All Crops, All Locations, All Farm Sizes

Our focus is on fruit and vegetable crops. One set of rules applies to most fruit and vegetable crops.  A few crops, such as coffee, tea and hops, require an extra module. At the Farm Plan we are experts at getting crops certified in a way that works with your farm.. Wherever you are, we can get you moving forward long distance, or right on your farm. 

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GLOBALG.A.P Made Simple (GGMS)

Food Safety requires a policy that includes about 100 subjects, multiple risk assessments, management plans, logs, forms, crop trackings, mock recall, mass balance, a 30-plus page pre-audit, very specific worker training; plus documents that prove you follow all the rules. 


  1. Keep it simple.

  2. Fit tasks into a regular farm tasks.

  3. Use everyday language.

  4. Write so the least educated farmer understands - and the most educated understands at a glance.

  5. Make food safety a simple daily habit.

  6. Include only and exactly what is required.

  7. Remember that common-sense is the universal trait of farmers.

  8. Respect and enjoy everyone.

When this extensive paperwork is organized into a step-b-step process, your job is greatly simplified. Having that same paperwork teach you the rules while you get the work done is inspires. Clear instructions are near the top of each log and form. We created a logic-based filing system to gather and store required records for year after year use. Your food safety is ready to go, even during that dreaded unannounced audit. We even include a sign master kit. That's just the paperwork. Next, will come farm organization and procedures.

GGMS is available in 3 primary formats.  1) Do-It-Yourself: You recieve the forms and instructions to complete on your own. 2) Attend a Webinar: This includes the  DIY program for a major jump start. 3) On Your Farm: Lead Trainer Juli Ogden performs an all-inclusive farm inspection, developing a full custom program designed to work smoothly with your process. It gives a detailed workshop to you and your staff. 

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When our GLOBALG.A.P clients began asking for the organic help it became obvious that integration of the two certifications was the way to go. It still requires 2 audits - sometimes from the same auditor on the same day! But, many requirements for the two programs are duplicated. We organize each job to meet the rules for both programs. 

Organic certification adds an extra layer of desirability to your crop.  Organic crops usually sell at a higher price point than conventional crops.  Surprisingly to many of our clients, the additional work to meet both standards is not huge.  At The Farm Plan we believe in doing a job well, and only once!

Custom System Designed For Your Farm


Working together through each step, we train staff and workers in food safety training, adapt your processes and gather paperwork to meet rules. We inspect your farm using the auditors checklist, expertise and a creative mind.

The Farm Plan is a unique combination of systems designer / writer / farmer / food safety geek / teacher and advocate. Our programs are designed to teach while you do the tasks - which fit into a normal farm day.


Get-It-Done Day


Our lead trainer, Juli Ogden is usually barefoot. That is how she works the best. Please, wear whatever is the most comfort to you.  It will be a busy hard working day.  A workshop description is on the next page. 


In our new webinars, you can take GGMS with you; whether you are on the farm, in a regional setting, or online or phone, be prepared for a busy day! You will be preparing your annual farm food safety paperwork, right in class! Reading the details on the "Answers" page. Consider a webinar, it's a huge jumpstart!

When you know the rules, you are in charge.



GLOBALG.A.P. Made Simple programs with direct, simple language so no time is wasted.   When you call, you talk with a person who knows where to find the right answers. If you need to talk to the expert we’ll set that up ASAP.