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Answer It, Now Prove It


GLOBALG.A.P requires proof. Forms, logs, policies and risk do that for you - and all are provided by the Farm Plan.  They want your farm to be clean.  It probably already is. The standard requires that you document the management of your chemicals. You are probably doing some of that too.  Our checklist ensure you get the entire job done right. 

Where Did This Start?

GLOBALG.A.P. began about 20 years ago in Germany in response to a group of school children who died from food poisoning. Grocery stores agreed to sell only certified produce. This was a movement that swept across Europe and eventually came to the US. It is a confusing system, written in 'world english' and is far from perfect. But the intent is to save lives. It has a long way to go, but the idea is that if everyone follows the same consistent food safety practices ourselves and our families will all be better off because of it. 

One Farmers Opinion 

When first learning about GLOBALG.A.P. I felt like a child looking up at my Dad while he told me 'do it, or else'.  That ‘or else’ meant big trouble.

No farm dog. Massive

paperwork. Who was

behind this?

In response to grower

questions, our pack 

house held a food safety

training day.  We were handed a confusing 328 page binder of regulations that repeated itself, was full of strange words and was presented by a highly educated person who had no clue how to talk to a farmer.  We had to do everything it said it and pass an annual audit during harvest IF we wanted to sell our crops.  That room held 70 irritated, threatened growers.

All farmers are educated, some in higher education and some in the field. We learn from experienced farmers who know how to raise a crop correctly and safely. We learn new methods at grower meetings. We follow many rules. We do not want to raise a crop that causes illness or death. We are willing to make changes to sell our crop to the world market.

​The Farm Plan answers the questions, making the whole thing much easier.  I’m more than impressed.


Loved the speaker—no falling asleep here!  Great humor.  Would attend another  meeting by Juli.


​I like the real world approach.


Excellent information and well organized.


Good job Juli. Glad you have a passion about this… You have helped us to keep this all simple and save lots of money in being compliant.


The best workshop I have ever been to.  Outstanding instruction.


Did well to handle some almost “combative” questions from guests.


Concise and to the point.  Nice of our packinghouse to help us.


Very easy to understand & simplified for ease of compiling a manual.


Very, very informative!  It has taken the “very” out of a very scary process to get certified.  The notebook is very well thought out and simplified.


​The workshop was great – Thank You so much for your patience.  You are very motivating in a hard subject.


I am amazed at how this program has been simplified.  Than You so much this has saved time, frustration, etc.  I would recommend this training to all producers.

Who, What, Where,

When, Why and How

Who needs to be certified?
Farms who's produce ends up sold to retailers
Who is the farm plan?
The Farm Plan is a small U.S. corporation who helps farms get GLOBALG.A.P. certified.  Although trained and licensed by GLOBALG.A.P. The Farm Plan is not employed by or contracted to them.  We are farmers who work exclusively with and for farmers

What crops need certification?
We work with every fruit and vegetable crop.  Orchards, row crops and even aquaponic lettuce greenhouses. Processing and storage facilities too.

What is a G.OBALG.A.P. certified Farm Assurer?
The Farm Plan / Juli Ogden has been trained in by GLOBALG.A.P. in the rules, passed their tests and was duly licensed.  It really means we have been approved to be an independent consultant.  We do not represent, work for or report to GLOBALG.A.P.  Our clients receive full confidentiality.

When do I start?
It's much easier when you give yourself time to assess and get any needed improvements done. Don't let that scare you.  Most farms already grow safe food.  We will show you how to prove it as inexpensively as possible.

When will I be certified?
Step 1:  Clean up and organize the farm.
Step 2:  Complete your policy, risk assessments, logs and management plans.
Step 3:  Put the paperwork into use for at least four months.
Step 4:  Document everything
Step 5:  Apply for your audit appointment
Step 6:  Make sure you pass.  Most farms have a few corrections needed after the auditor inspection happens.  That's ok and normal.  You will be given a list and usually 28 days. Corrections can usually be emailed in.  Your certificate will arrive several weeks after the audit date.
When can I claim my crop is certified?
Your crop is actually certified four months into the past and 8 months into the future from your certification date.  That typically means the entire crop for the year of certification is covered.

Where does The Farm Plan work?

Everywhere.  We  travel to many places for custom work and to give workshops.   Get a group of neighboring farms together and we can set up a workshop in your area  If you just want the paperwork and would like to learn on your own that is no problem.  We will ship it to you from our office in Wenatchee, Washington.

Why do I need to be certified?
Maintain and grow your access to markets. Ultimately, GLOBALG.A.P Certification is voluntary. Though keep in mind that beginning in 2018 American farms must meet the standards of the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  GLOBALG.A.P has many overlaps with this standard, and the two are somewhat complimentary.

How do I get certified?
The Farm Plan makes it simple by providing the forms, logs, risk assessments, management plans and your farm policy. That policy set your standards is a mandatory part of your food safety system.  The policies are contained in 8 pages, cover around 70 topics and teach you the rules in a very effective way.

How much more can I do in a 24 hour day?
This is a very common and logical reaction to food safety. The rules were mostly written by people who have a support staff and a regular paycheck. Translating the written rules into workable solutions is one of the basic goals behind The Farm Plan.
How did The Farm Plan Get Started?
Juli Ogden read every rule over and over - for what it said and what it did not say. She organized the jobs into the seasons of farming and translated the rules into the everyday language.  Today, Juli helps farms of all sizes. She creates custom systems for large farms and gives workshops others. Using The Farm Planner, attendees spend an intense day learning, asking questions and completing about 75% of the annual paperwork . The Farm Plan includes every policy, risk assessment and form required.


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