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​Designed from a farmer's point of view, The Farm Plan is all the answers all in one place. Our report system has 100% of the required forms, the filing system gathers all the needed documents, your farm's policy is included along with management plans and risk assessments. It includes an on-farm checklist, a worker-training program and clear instructions on every page.

Even with all of that available in a Do-It-Yourself package, many farms prefer a hands on approach that adapts GLOBALG.A.P. rules to your farming methods.

On your farm we do a "Pre-Audit" on the exact same 40-page, 218 question form your auditor will use, but our goal is to find and solve your specific problems.  Nearly every farm needs some cleanup, signs and improvements in the chemical storage facility.  Many farms have unique situations that need problem solving.  That is part of my job.   We review your forms and other paperwork to gather needed documentation.  We train your staff in the rules and find the simplest methods to add the rules to your logs.  We customize our service to meet your need and budget. From preliminary pre-audit inspections through to complex QMS development, and everything in between, ask us how to best brthere's a way for us to bring our expertise to your farming operation.


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