GLOBALGA.P has around 40 programs.  We specialize in fruit and vegetable crops in all locations using all farming styles.

Integrated Farm Assurance

IFA is the most often required, top level food safety certification for fruit and vegetable farms.  It covers growing, harvesting and handling processes such as washing, sorting and packing.  We highly recommend this program, seeing it as the most often requested certification level.


Produce Handling Assurance 

PHA is a new program designed for crop handling facilities.  Like IFA it covers washing, sorting, sizing, packing and storage.  Handling is a process that does not alter the natural state of the crop.  For a farm that includes a handling facility PHA is the right step.  As soon as final approval is received for PHA (hopefully in the next month or two) we will offer this program to our clients.


Produce Safety Assurance 

PSA is designed to meet FSMA rules (see below for FSMA info).  For those farms already using the IFA standard, this is a very small amount of additional work.  The Farm Plan PSA add-on to GGMS allows you to meet the physical and paperwork requirements of both GG and FSMA.



Based on the National Organic Program, this certification adds an extra layer of desirability to your crop.  You’ve seen in the grocery store that organic produce earns a higher price point.  



This law gives the U.S. FDA authority to regulate the way foods are grown, harvested and processed. Crops covered by FSMA are those eaten raw that do not go through a processing “kill step” such as cooking.  The list of covered crops is long. 


Crops that go through a “kill step” are not required to follow the FSMA.  Farms follow a tiered income chart for when they must comply.  The first rule to recognize is that at least one person per farm must have earned a “Produce Safety Alliance” certificate and act as the trainer for the farm’s workers.  



CanadaGAP is a well-accepted Canadian food safety program which, as of 2020, will NOT certify aquaponic farms.  This was a frightening announcement to aquaponic farmers, but the solution is simple.  Step up to GLOBALG.A.P. IFA and be certified world-wide.



Yes, GLOBALG.A.P. and ORGANIC programs certify these farms.  The Farm Plan works with many specialty farms and would love to help you, too.




A “Grower Group” is a group of farms whose crops are sold by a specific crop broker, processor or pack house.  


When the pack house, for instance, agrees to manage a food safety “umbrella” for their growers a “Quality Management System” must be developed to ensure all member farms follow the rules.  This can result in much lower certification costs for each farm.

GLOBALG.A.P. Made Simple

Designed entirely from a farmer’s point of view, The Farm Plan is “all the answers in one place”.  One of our decisions in creating this system is that while it meets the rules it must also teaches those rules.  


Both Custom and Do-It-Yourself Systems include:

  • Our Report System includes the logs and forms that prove you keep the different parts of your farm and equipment clean and maintained.

  • The Filing System gathers all needed documentation

  • A multi-tasking Farm Food Safety Policy covers about 100 topics, sets your farm policy, trains you in the rules and acts as a concise research resource.

  • Risk Assessments are like a game of “What-If”.  What if water from a heavy rain runs into my strawberries from the livestock pasture across the fence?  What if a worker gets in an accident driving up my dangerous farm road?  Risk assessments cover many topics in farming like hygiene, food fraud, the chemicals used, your workers and much more.

  • Management Plans are written for each risk.  

  • An Internal Audit is required to make sure you are ready for audit.  This is a large document.   We often complete it for our custom clients and include the form with our DIY systems.  Checklists cover the physical aspects of farming and an extensive list of paperwork that proves you do things right. 

  • Our Worker Training Program is designed to be attached to yours.  Your program meets the processes and needs of your farm – ours meets the rules of food safety.   A perfect match.

  • Sign masters, in the primary language of your workers are used to create signs required around the farm.  Ours are in English and Mexican Spanish.

  • Clear instructions lead the system with specific guidance near the top of each form.



We come to your farm, typically for 1 – 5 days to perform in-depth inspections of your entire farm to discover your unique issues and create solutions that work for your farm and your budget.  


We adapt our system to your processes, so your workers face as little change as possible.


We will train your staff in the rules.

Grower Groups & One on One

Customized Training & Consulting Available

Highly Effective "Working" Workshops - For one farm or Grower Groups such as Pack House, Processors, Brokers and Crop Associations.

Designed from a farmer's point of view, The Farm Plan is all the answers all in one place. Our report system has 100% of the required forms, a filing system that gathers all the needed documents, your farm policy and every management plan and risk assessment needed. It includes an on-farm checklist, a worker-training program and clear instructions on every page.

In a lively 1-day workshop you’ll learn the rules while we do about 75% of the paperwork together. The Farm Plan contains only and exactly what is required. Each grower leaves this workshop with our on-farm checklist firmly in hand and the attitude to get it done.

Training is available and customizable to both 'Grower Groups' or the individual. 

Reach out to us to discuss how we can fit your needs.


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