Grower Groups & One on One

Customized Training & Consulting Available

Highly Effective "Working" Workshops - For one farm or Grower Groups such as Pack House, Processors, Brokers and Crop Associations.

Designed from a farmer's point of view, The Farm Plan is all the answers all in one place. Our report system has 100% of the required forms, a filing system that gathers all the needed documents, your farm policy and every management plan and risk assessment needed. It includes an on-farm checklist, a worker-training program and clear instructions on every page.

In a lively 1-day workshop you’ll learn the rules while we do about 75% of the paperwork together. The Farm Plan contains only and exactly what is required. Each grower leaves this workshop with our on-farm checklist firmly in hand and the attitude to get it done.

Training is available and customizable to both 'Grower Groups' or the individual. 

Reach out to us to discuss how we can fit your needs.


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