Message for TFP-GGMS Farms for 2021 from Juli Ogden

Food Safety and Organic Experts on Conventional, Aquaponic and Hydroponic Farms - Since 2012



Your 2021 GLOBALG.A.P. Made Simple update is designed to meet the regulations of  GLOBALG.A.P.’s version 5.4-GFS.  This is crucial to maintain the level of certification which is most often required by crop buyers.   GG plans an additional update; rest assured our 2021 licensed client farms will receive the requirements at no additional charge. 

Price and details for updates, webinars and new client programs are found on the attached flyer and at  If you are ready for a custom program designed for your farm’s unique needs, just ask.  We can make it work your way. Yes, please! Take me there now!

  • GLOBALG.A.P., Organics, Produce Handling and FSMA ‘Made Simple’ modules are available.

  • For delayed 2020 audits, there are simple solutions.  We can help you move forward. 

Some of you may not have met Patti Hamilton, who joined The Farm Plan last spring. Her title is Director of Development and Client Care.  What that really means is that she and Juli share the primary work, according to strengths. Juli does program development, training and client work.  Patti does business management, scheduling, online organization and most important, she makes sure you have what you need.  Feel free to contact her directly at .

Juli Ogden


GLOBALG.A.P. Farm Assurer

Food Safety and Organic Consultant



In 2012 a Central Washington state cherry farmer was required to get GLOBALG.A.P. certified. Handed 325 pages of rules, Juli Ogden used her background in systems development to write a common sense food safety system. It works so well she has helped over 500 farms to date. While The Farm Plan helps you meet the rules it also teaches you the rules.  When you know the rules, you are in charge.

Juli Ogden


Owner  & CEO - The Farm Plan GGMS

Farm Assurer - Food Safety Expert

Juli Ogden (aside from being a certified cherry farmer), has spent her life in business and making other farmers and business people, look good! Her broad range of skills from drafting, business development and management, legal-ese, radio and public speaking - rounds off her no-nonsense, hands-on approach to certification for over 700 farms. This year, TFP-GGMS welcomes growth and diversity by extending our roots beyond both oceans. Juli will help your farm from paperwork to certification. 

Patti A. Hamilton


Director of Development

Client Care Manager

This is Patti's "third time lucky" working partnership with Juli Ogden. In a span of decades, she has served as a small-city Mayor in Eastern Washington State, where she lobbied on multiple legislative committees for Farmers, Seniors, disAbled folks, and Emergency Management. Before that, about 30 years of Radio Broadcasting, Business, Non-Profit grant writing, and pretty much everything you can do with a computer! Patti's favorite thing is helping people. Reach out to her, anytime! 

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