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Questions & Answers


Do I have to get rid of my dog?  I’m told I must get rid of my dog because of global gap rules. Is this true? If it is, I think it is really horrible and unfair.  It is a matter of not having your pets in the growing area during the growing season.  I hate it too.  I have had to forbid my Grand-dogs from their weekend visits while I have cherries on the trees.  The rule states " ..... a single instance of domestic or human feces....".  If you want to pass your audit then you must make sure your growing area is uncontaminated.



How do I schedule an audit?  We are happy to do that for you - just shoot us an email, or take a look at the "Auditor" page for suggestions if you would rather do it yourself.

Where is the audit held?  On your farm.  Hopefully you have a desk  or table space for paperwork review.

Does the auditor check my inventory to chemical purchases to spray records?  They can, and do.

Advice from Juli:  When it's time for your audit, be organized, set up and laid out.  An organized office gives the impression of a well run farm.


Does the auditor check my inventory to chemical purchases to spray records?  They can, and commonly do.


Can I store fertilizer with my other chemicals?  The answer is mostly no and maybe yes.  It's a solid yes if your fertilizer and other chemicals are separated by a barrier such as a wall of some sort.  Even placing the fertilizer inside the lidded tub of a rubbermaid type container is ok.


The eye wash is located at my fill station, a couple hundred feet from the chemical storage.  Is this ok?  No.  Emergency eye wash, a source of clean water, a first aid kit and a chemical spill clean up kit must be within 10 meter or nearly 33 feet.  If both locations are close enough to both meet the 33 foot rule they can share one set.

On The Farm

Where on the farm can the auditor go? Everywhere.  They will not typically go in the owners home if not invited.  They can look in every building and every field.  It is not common for them to walk every row in your fields. Remember, when they find problems they will keep looking for more.


How much of the paperwork in your system do I have to do?  All of it.  If you have not taken the workshop I strongly encourage it.  At the end of the day much of your paperwork will be finished plus you'll understand all the rules.  If you are lucky, there may be a page or two that YOU don’t have to do.



May I train harvest workers at the end of the first day instead of wasting cool morning hours?  Short and sweet.  NO.  Workers who handle harvested or harvestable crop must be trained before beginning.

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